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Making healthcare efficient, effective & affordable through innovative technology solutions

Today, the healthcare industry is undergoing a significant technology transformation. The focus of the business has been shifting to accountability, affordability and quality of outcomes. In order to survive in this changing ecosystem, healthcare organizations need  innovative and transformative technology solutions that not only improve their customer centricity but also improve their operational efficiencies.

GGK has a long history of helping healthcare organizations adapt to new business models through digital transformation and enabling them:

  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve care outcome
  • Seamlessly integrate information from multiple inputs
  • Generate useful business insights

Expertise That Spans Across The Full Spectrum


Payers have to stay agile in this ever changing ecosystem. Are you well equipped to seize the opportunities the change presents?

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Digital hospitals & superlative patient care are no more buzz words. Talk to us on how going paperless positively impacts the bottom line.

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Life Sciences

Are you a life sciences company looking to leverage cutting edge technology to address cost pressures and regulatory challenges?

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Healthcare Technology

Consumer Health technology & wearables continues to enjoy upward spiral growth. Are you planning to capitalize the opportunity?

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 Customer Success Stories

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HIX Implementation

Our client is a largest customer owned health insurance Company in USA. Due to the advent of HIX, our client faced considerable complexity across the entire value chain. To address those complexities, we have worked closely with the client designing a solution which consisted of modifying / developing over 20 critical applications.

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Rapid Target Review System

Our Client is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the top drug manufacturers world-wide which have introduced twenty one new molecular entities over the last fifteen years. We designed and implemented a web based rapid target review system which can search for literature and present the results based on relevance in no time

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What we think

Healthcare Risk Adjustment – Data Gaps

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Role of Big Data in improving access to healthcare services

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Healthcare data strengthens provider-patient relationship

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